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Exterior Foundation Insulation

Coello & Associates uses exterior rigid foam to insulate our foundations. Both R-5 (1") and R-10 (2") are available. Insulation requirements for the foundation are based upon the energy efficiency of the above grade home.  

For above grade
insulation protection,
we offer a cement
based UV coating.

These requirements are determined by using the REScheck program, which can be found at

The use of exterior wall insulation is superior to the use of only interior insulation for the following reasons:

  • Heat loss and thermal bridging are minimized
  • Foundation walls are protected from the extremes of freeze-thaw cycles
  • The potential for condensation to form on the walls is minimized
  • Walls have an additional layer of protection from above and below grade moisture
  • Reduced risk of mold problems often associated with the use of only interior foundation insulation
  • Does not reduce the size of the interior living space
  • Thermal mass of the foundation is inside of the house
  • Homeowner only needs to finish areas of the basement that will be living space

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